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FTTH Solution

FTTX Solution is the ultimate aim of access networks. It provids high bandwidth for enduser. Including FTTB, FTTC and FTTH Solution.


Data center in the building is using high capacity module type ODF for fiber optic distribution, leading to the floor distribution box, then go inside end user by ONU.


Distribute fiber in the cable cabinet nearby the residential area, leading to the optic distribution box in the building, after second-time distribution then go into end user by ONU.


Fiber arrive around the house by fiber optic splice closure, fiber go inside end user by ftth box then connect to ONU.

Technical Support FAQ
  • What products including in the ODN Solution?

    Optic distribution box, fiber optic splice closure, FTTH box, PLC splitter, fiber optic patchcord, fiber optic adaptor and attenuator.
  • What kind of cable will be used for FTTH?

    Drop Cable.
  • How many kind of patchcord we have?

    Singlemode OS2, Multimode(OM1, OM2,OM3,OM4,OM5), bundle type patchcord, armored patchcord, Tatical patchcord, Drop cable patchcord, MPO patchcord.
  • What’s the max. Capacity for fiber optic splice closure?

    Max. Capacity is 288cores for Inline type; Max.capacity is 576cores for dome type.
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