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  • Growth rate to 50 million! Global Gigabit Broadband Subscribers Expected to Increase Significantly in 2022

    Global gigabit broadband subscriptions are expected to jump to 50 million by 2022, more than double the 24 million at the end of 2020, according to a new report from market research firm Omdia. Read More

  • The Influence Of Insufficient Fiber Bending Radius On ODN Link Attenuation

    1. ODN link downlink attenuation is generally abnormalThe downlink/uplink of the GPON network uses 1490nm/1310nm wavelengths respectively. The ODN (Optical Distribution Network) mainly uses G.652D and G.657A2 fibers. The attenuation of these two fibers at 1490nm/1310nm wavelengths is 0.23dB/ km and Read More

  • Importance And Method Of Cleaning V Groove Of Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

    The V-groove is an important part of the optical fiber fusion splicer. Its function is to fix and support the left and right optical fibers in the fusion splicing process. Therefore, cleaning the V-groove in the daily maintenance of the optical fiber fusion splicer is an extremely important part. Read More



  • Merry Christmas FCST Wish You Peace

    Merry Christmas FCST wish you peace, joy and happiness through christmas and the coming year.Hope everything around you goes well under the special period. Read More

  • Innovative FastConnect ODN Solution Accelerate FTTH Deployment

    Its innovative FastConnect ODN Solution improves the efficiency of outdoor scene deployment. The solution adopts aviation connector technology, replaces traditional manual welding with quick connection, and plugs and uses pre-connected cables, eliminating the need for professional welding workers to perform on-site welding, which greatly improves the efficiency of engineering construction. At the same time, it has strong environmental adaptability, supports IP68, and can protect the optical fiber connection performance from being affected in high temperature (+70°C), cold (-40°C), and high humidity environments. Read More

  • What QC testing is required for Micro Duct Connector out of the factory?

    The Micro Duct Connector were developed to connect microducts with each other.Our system enables an easy, fast connection and disconnection of the microduct. The connectors’ robust construction resistance to high pressure forces,allowing them to be used in direct buried (DB) applications. The transparent body enables easy visual inspection of the cable with in the connector. Read More

  • Why choose Telecom Manhole Chamber made of SMC?

    Today FCST brings you a disruptive product, SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber.SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber System is to protect and connect your fiber netwroks. SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber System is manufactured of innovated fiberglass reinforced composite material, with advantages of strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistance. Structurally, The Product is designed with 582mm height section walls, knock-down delivery and modularly set up with wanted depth; Walls are connected with special kit,The Telecom Manhole Chamber can be assembled easily and efficiently. Read More

  • FCST-Underground Cable Installation Solution

    With the rapid development of urban construction, urban pipeline resources are becoming less and less, cost is raising up for open road, road management and urban noise restrictions increased construction costs for telecommunications operator. FCST is offering professional fiber blowing solution and Read More

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