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Fiber Cable Solution Technology Co.,Ltd.(FCST Co.,Ltd.) was established in 2003.We Specialized in Fiber optic patchcord manufacturing in 2006, we transite to R&D fiber plastic products such as fiber optic closures and terminal boxes in 2009, and we began to be involved infiber blowing.
In 2011, we set up our own micro duct factory in Shanghai. From 2014 till now, FCST has perfected fiber blowing solution.

Now FCST supply 4 solutions:
- FTTH ODN Solution
- Underground Cable Installation Solution
- Aerial Cable Installation Solution
- Fiber Tools & Test Solution

As a FTTx solution supplier, we can also do ODM according to project. We will continue to innovate and contribute more to the construction of the global optical fiber network.

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AI Drives Surge In Demand For Intelligent Computing

At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating, and digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, and quantum information are developing rapidly. In particular, the emergence of large models represen

Strategies For Maximizing Air Blow Distance Of Fiber Optic Cables

In modern communication engineering, optical cable jetting technology has become an efficient method for laying optical fiber networks. It uses compressed air to blow optical cables into pre-laid pipes to achieve fast, low-loss optical cable laying. However, to maximize the cable air blowing distance, multiple factors need to be considered, including the selection of fiber optic cables and pipes, cable blowing equipment and processes, operating techniques, environment and conditions, and real-time monitoring and adjustments.

Optical Components For AI Clusters Remain The Only Got Area

Recently, LightCounting, a market organization in the optical communications industry, pointed out in its latest market report that in the first quarter of 2024, optical devices for artificial intelligence clusters will still be the only hot area in the market.

Professional · Accurate · Prompt · Reliable 
Better FTTx, Better Life.
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