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Why choose Telecom Manhole Chamber made of SMC?

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Today FCST brings you a disruptive product, SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber.SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber System is to protect and connect your fiber netwroks. SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber System is manufactured of innovated fiberglass reinforced composite material, with advantages of strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistance. Structurally, The Product is designed with 582mm height section walls, knock-down delivery and modularly set up with wanted depth; Walls are connected with special kit,The Telecom Manhole Chamber can be assembled easily and efficiently.

SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber system is design for cable underground network access, with internal room to storage slack cable or splicing closures. Inside the walls,brackets for holding above parts are reserved which can easily set up on site. Flat walls enable any futuer flexible decoration by drilling self-tapping screws.

According to our product design ideas, his application scenarios are not only used in mobile communication, but also in many fields such as municipal administration, electric power ,electricity, water, road administration, and drainage.Next, I will show you a good understanding of this product.

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Product Structure

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Easy, Fast and Secure Installation

On the one hand, the lightness and the modularity of the SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber facilitates transport from factory to work as well as inside the civil work. On the other hand, manual handling without crane… speed installation un very much. The inlets are made very easily, and can be done on site without any condition at the execution place. This way of customizing the inlets in situ avoid the manual works required in traditional systems (breaking a Premark window, plastering…) All this makes the civil construction much faster than against the traditional concrete chambers.

Also, its quick and easy installation without cranes or heavy machinery minimize the risk of accidents that handling can cause in case of heavy chambers.

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Height adjustable

The product has an adjustment function. The adjusting baffle and the adjusting accessories bolt work together to adjust the height of the manhole cover according to the actual construction site ground conditions, the maximum adjustment height of the manhole cover is 50mm.

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Product Application

On each side of the product, 6 drill holes are reserved at the factory, and there is a hole opener. The size of the drill hole can be adjusted at the construction 

site according to the actual size of the HDPE Silicon Pipe/HDPE Micro-duct.

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The SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber is designed with a suspension bracket, which can fix the Fiber Optic Splice Closure according to actual requirements, and the suspension bracket is movable, which can stand up when operating the fiber splice, which is convenient for construction.

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SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber has greater advantages in all aspects compared to Manual stacking manhole, if you are interested in this product. you can send email to sales@fcst.com or contact Whatsapp No. +8618720624696 for purchasing the product or more details. Looking forward to your call.

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