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  • [FTTH ODN Solution] How to Assemble SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber?

    SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber system is design for cable underground network access, with internal room to storage slack cable or splicing closures. Inside the walls,brackets for holding above parts are reserved which can easily set up on site. Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] How To Install Dome Type Fiber Optic Splice Closure?

    Fiber Optic Splice Closure is used to connect the distribution cable and the incoming cable, is widely applied in communication, network systems, CATV cable TV and so on. It adopts scientifically formulated engineering plastic and be shaped by injection molding, with anti-aging, anti-corrosion. Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] Fiber Optic Closure Basics and Selection Guide

    What Is Fiber Optic Closure?Fiber optic closure, also known as fiber optic splicing closures, is a device used to provide space and protection for fiber optic cables spliced together. The fiber optic closure connects and stores optical fibers safely either in the outside plant or indoor buildings. Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] FCST-FTTx solution

    As communication network are developing towards all-optical networks, optical Access networks will replace the copper wire access networks gradually. Due to rapid growth of high-speed data service and video service, fast reduction of fiber network construction cost, fierce competition among operator Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] Why choose Telecom Manhole Chamber made of SMC?

    Today FCST brings you a disruptive product, SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber.SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber System is to protect and connect your fiber netwroks. SMC Telecom Manhole Chamber System is manufactured of innovated fiberglass reinforced composite material, with advantages of strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistance. Structurally, The Product is designed with 582mm height section walls, knock-down delivery and modularly set up with wanted depth; Walls are connected with special kit,The Telecom Manhole Chamber can be assembled easily and efficiently. Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] The Main Reasons And Countermeasures Of ONU's Weak Light

    IntroductionThe reasons for the weak light of the ONU mainly include two aspects: equipment reasons and ODN link attenuation exceeding the standard. Due to equipment reasons, it is easy to find from the network management, and generally can be found and eliminated in time. At present, the weak light Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] What is FTTR?

    Before talking about FTTR, let's talk about what FTTx is.FTTx is the abbreviation of "Fiber To The x", which refers to "fiber to x", where x not only represents the place where the optical fiber arrives, but also includes the optical network equipment installed at that place, and clarifies the area Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] Analysis Of The Competition Pattern And Development Trend Of The Optical Device Industry

    Overview and classification of optical devicesOptical devices are also called photoelectron devices, which refer to various functional devices made by photoelectric effect. Optical devices are the key and core components of optoelectronic technology, and they have a wide range of applications。 Read More

  • [FTTH ODN Solution] What is Fiber Optic Cable?

    Fiber Optic Cable The world of telecommunications is rapidly moving from copper wire networks to fiber optics. Optical fiber is a very thin strand of pure glass which acts as a wave guide for light over long distances. It uses a principle known as total internal reflection. Fiber optic cable is actually composed of two layers of glass: The core, which carries the actual light signal, and the cladding, which is a layer of glass surrounding the core. The cladding has a lower refractive index than the core. This causes Total Internal Reflection within the core. Most fibers operate in duplex pairs: one fiber is used to transmit and the other is used to receive. But it is possible to send both signals over a single strand. There are two main types of fiber optic cables: Single Mode Fiber (SMF) and Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF). The difference is basically in the size of the core. MMF has a much wider core, allowing multiple modes (or “rays”) of light to propagate. Read More

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