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Aerial fiber cable is a indispensable part for cable installation project since the rapid development of optical fiber communication. Telecom operator like to use aerial cable because it saving construction cost and time. Fiber cable is fixed in the pole by cable clamp to fit for different environment. 


FCST is providing professional aerial cable installation solution and related products, which is suitable for backbone network, LAN, FTTX and FTTH etc.

Technical Support FAQ

  • What kind of cable is aerial cable?

    OPGW cable, ADSS cable, Self-support butterfly cable, outdoor stranded armored cable, Figure 8 Nonmetal Lightning Protection Optical Cable, Outdoor aerial bundle cable.
  • What kind of clamp we need for aerial cable installation?

    ADSS Cable Medium Tension And Large Tension Clamp、Strain clamps、Suspension clamps、Anchor brackets for strain clamps、Hooks、Buckles、Stainless steel band、FTTH optical fiber cable communication accessories.
  • What’s the max span for normal aerial drop cable clamp?

  • What process will be done on the surface of the optical cable slamp to deal with different environments?

    To deal with different climatic environments, we will do salt & spray tests during production in the factory. Galvanizing on the surface of the product can achieve the effect of anti-ultraviolet and anti-salting.
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