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What are the Advantages of SMC Manhole?

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In the optical communication industry, manhole is an indispensable and important product for underground cable installation, which is an extremely important link. Traditionally, we generally use cement manholes, which need to be handmade on site, affected by the harsh environment, difficult to maintain and pollute the environment. With the development of the times and the progress of science and technology, they are gradually replaced by SMC material manholes. The advantages of SMC material manholes are mainly analyzed below.

1. Strong bearing capacity, good rigidity

The manufacturing material mainly adopts high-strength and high-modulus thermosetting sheet molding compound material, which has good mechanical properties and solid structure, with large deformation resistance, axial load up to 100KN and lateral load up to 40KN. Large deformation resistance, axial load can reach 100KN, lateral load can reach 40KN. SMC composite materials have excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good mechanical properties, etc., about the advantages of SMC material details can be seen at the bottom of the recommended articles.

SMC manhole test report(1)

SMC manhole test report

2. Good performance of high and low temperature resistance

SMC material has very high thermal change temperature, and also can keep good performance in low temperature, the product can be used in -40~100℃ range for a long time. Tests have shown that the oxygen index of SMC manhole products is 34%. A material LOI value of more than 21% indicates that the material has flame-resistant properties, and the higher its LOI value indicates that its flame-resistant properties are better. The higher the LOI value, the better the flame resistance. The limiting oxygen index indicates the degree of difficulty of combustion of the material, and the higher the value, the more difficult it is to burn. The higher the value, the more difficult it is to burn. When the limiting oxygen index reaches 27% or more, it means that it is difficult to burn. As a result, the product can be used in harsh environments with high or low temperatures.


3. Good wave permeability, conducive to signal transmission

SMC material has excellent electrical insulation, in high frequency can maintain good dielectric properties, electromagnetic wave penetration, conducive to a variety of equipment signal transmission, can receive most of the satellite signal, high reliability.


4. Easy transportation, low logistics cost

The box structure of SMC manhole is simple, it is assembled by scattered parts, it can be disassembled parts or assembled finished products, which can be transported according to individual needs. When the box is disassembled into parts, the transportation and storage occupy less space, which is conducive to long-distance transportation, and the logistics cost is reduced.

What are the Advantages of SMC Manhole(2)

5. Height adjustable

SMC manhole products are assembled from scattered parts, so the height can be adjusted according to the actual needs of users, which greatly meets the individual needs of customers.


6. Simple installation, low requirements for construction environment

Box installation process is simple, no need for professional construction equipment, zero basic construction workers can be put into the installation after briefly reading the manual. The product installation is not affected by any climate and environment, and can be constructed all day long.


7. Long service life

SMC composite materials, with excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, chemical corrosion, aging resistance and other comprehensive performance, for the buried service life of more than 30 years to provide a basic guarantee. Relative to the traditional brick buried well cleaning complex, SMC manhole in the use of low maintenance costs during the period required, the box internal clearance, maintenance is small.


In short, SMC manhole equipment has many advantages such as easy construction process, environmental protection and energy saving, low cost, long service life, etc. It is gradually replacing the traditional cement manhole, and is the new trend in the fiber optic cable underground laying project. In addition, the SMC manhole products are also widely used in sewage, gas and other industries.



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