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FCST210301 Fiber Optic Hand Tool Kit

5 0 Reviews
  • Complete tools.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Cut down on overall fiber installation cost by reducing termination time.
  • FOBshanghai Price:173.66USD/pcs
  • FCST210301
  • FCST
  • FCST210301

Product Overview

The FCST210301 Fiber Optic Hand Tool Kit provides all the tools and materials necessary to terminate the major fiber optic connector in the industry. This kit allows for clean and simple terminations, with fewer parts and tools without need for a service technician to come and repair.


l1pc Fiber optic stripper FCST221001.

l1pc KEVLAR Scissor FCST221101.

l1pc Carbide Scribe Tool FCST-174A.

l1pc Fiber Jacket Stripper FCST-108.

l1pc 200x Deluxe fiber Microscope FCST221410.

l5pc 99.7% IPA Cleaning Wipes (Pre-Moistened).

l1pc 100ml Alcohol dispensing bottle.

l1pc Anaerobic Adhesive Hardener 10ml.

l1pc Anaerobic Primer 0.95oz.

l5pc Epoxy Application Syringe 1ml.

l5pc 5µm Polish Film.

l5pc 1µm Polish Film.

l5pc 0.5µm Polish Film.

l1pc 2.5mm Universal Polish Disc (SC/ST/FC).

l1pc LC Plastic Polish Disc.

l1pc 5.9" Rubber Polish Pad.

l1pc Safety Glasses.

l25pc 2.5mm Cotton Cleaning Swabs.

l1pc Black Marker.

l1pc Carrying Zipper Bag (305×220×60mm).

l1pc Universal Connector Crimp Tool FCST-801V(SC/FC&LC).



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