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FCST210118 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

  • Complete tools.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Cut down on overall fiber installation cost by reducing termination time.
  • FOBshanghai Price:109.91USD/pcs
  • FCST210118
  • FCST
  • FCST210118

Why Is Cleaning Important?

Maintaining a clean connection or mating point is critical to the performance and proper function of any fiber optic link. The presence of dirt, dust, oil, and other contaminants can cause substantial attenuation, (signal loss) or in some cases completely block signal transmission with connectors, adapters, attenuators, and pin/socket termini. In many cases, dirty connection points are the most common reason for connectivity and performance related issues in a fiber optic network.FCST cleaning kits are designed to alleviate the common problems associated with cleaning your fiber optic connections.

Product Contains

Refillable Cassette Cleaner

Fiber Optic Cleaning Platform, 120 wipes (Connector Cleaning & Splice Preparation)

2.5mm SC/FC/ST Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner

LC/MU Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner

(50) 2.5mm Foam Tipped Fiber Optic Swab, 50 per tube

(50) 1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Swab, 50 per tube

Carrying Tool case (255×210×70mm)

AquaKleen Fiber Optic Cleaner 95ml,3Oz (FCST210118-P)

Part #        Description

FCST210118    Compact Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

FCST210118-P  Compact Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit with 3Oz AquaKleen Fiber Optic Cleaner





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Fiber Cable Solution Technology Co.,Ltd. (FCST Co., Ltd.) was established in 2003. We specialized in Fiber optic patch cord manufacturing in 2006, we transited to R&D fiber plastic products such as fiber optic closures and terminal boxes in 2009, we began to be involved in fiber blowing.In 2011, we set up our own micro duct factory in Shanghai. We have been Fremco's blowing machine reseller in Aisa since 2015, From 2014 till now, FCST has perfected total blowing solution and has become the leader of this field in China. 


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Q: What's the warranty period for the products.

R: 2 years.

Q: Can you send me a free sample?

R: We are willing to send you a free sample if you would like to pay the shipping cost.

Q: What are your payment terms?

R: Usually, the payment terms are 30% in advance, and 70% before shipment.

Q: What's our advantage.

R: We have been in Fiber Optic field for 15 years. We have experience to cooperate with overseas telecom company and get good reputation.