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AI-10A Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer For FTTx

  • The first cutting and splicing measuring fusion splicer.
  • Combine electric cleaver and fusion splicer as one.
  • Integrate OPM and VEL fuction.
  • With 8-in-1 stripper.
  • AI-10A

  • FCST

Product Overview

AI-10A Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer is the world's first fourth-generation fiber cable fusion splicer, it combines electric cleaver and fusion splicer as one, with 8-in-1 signal fire stripper, and can be combined with the work bench and table, making it is the world's first real sense, small size, light weight, easy to operate optical fiber fusion splicer.

The FTTH AI-10A fiber Fusion Splicer uses a number of patents, the full weight of the main machine, the toolbox and a complete set of accessories is only 4.5KG, and the toolbox size is 25.5cmx16.5cm x23cm. In such a small and compact case, the combined design of bench and bench is realized at the same time. Industrial CPU, running speed is super fast, 6 seconds fast splicing, 15 seconds heating, 5 inch color HD LCD screen, 320 times magnification, 7800mAh large capacity lithium battery can splice and heat 240 cores, in high altitude, dry, cold and other harsh environments still perform well.

Product Specifications



Fiber Alignment


Splicing Time


Heating Time

15s,can be customized according to the external environment

Motor Number

6 motors

Fiber Type

Single-mode fiber (SMF/G.652), BIF/G.657);

Suitable for single mode, multi-mode, bare fiber,

tail fiber, drop cable, jumper, invisible fiber


The Cladding Diameter

80-150 μm

Splicing Loss

0.02dB (SM),0.01dB (MM),0.04dB (DS/NZDS)

Splicing Mode

Automatic focusing core alignment, conventional/high precision welding

Splicing Way

Automatic, semi-automatic,manually

Fiber Cleaver

Equipped with electric high-precision cleaver

Fiber Holder

Three in one fixture, no need to change, suitable

for single/multi-mode, multi-core cable/bare

fiber, tail fiber,jumper fiber,drop cable


The machine comes with: power: 15mW, 2Hz

flashing and steady on mode


Wavelength: 850nm; 1300nm, 1310nm,

1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm/Measurement

range: -50+30dbm Absolute error: <0.3dB

(-50dbm ~+3dBm range)

Battery Capacity

7800mAh large capacity lithium battery charging

time ≤3.5; It can continuously weld and heat

about 240 cores


320x (X or Y axis single display), 200x (X or Y axis

dual display)

Fiber Diameter

Coating diameter: 80-150μm/Coating diameter:


Cutting Length

Coating layer 250μm below: 8-16mm/coating

layer 250-1000μm: 16mm

Heat Shrink Tube


Tensile Testing

standard 2N


5 inch TFT color display screen

Boot Time

1s, boot can enter the working mode

Data is Stored

Unlimited, machine storage 1000 groups, the

excess part can be stored in the server, can

export data.

Wireless Communication

Based on bluetooth 4.2 protocol standard, the

working band is 2.4GHz, the maximum

transmission range is 60m

Software Upgrade

Mobile phone APP Internet update, enable

Bluetooth synchronization upgrade machine


Management Function

The equipment owner can be bound as the

highest authority, and can remotely view the

splicing records, splicing time, loss, etc. through

the mobile phone APP. The number of splicing

times or working time of the equipment can be set. The manager can effectively manage a single or multiple equipment

Return Loss

Better than 60 db

Product Protection

Waterproof, dust proof and fall proof

Power Supply

Input AC100-240V 50/60Hz, output

DC13.5V/4.8A, the current power mode can be

identified, real-time monitoring of the current

battery level

The Work Environment

Temperature: -15 ~ +50℃, humidity: < 95%RH

(no condensation), working altitude: 0 ~ 5000m,

maximum wind speed: ≤15m/s

Product Advantages

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Ordering Information

alt fusion splicer ai-10a ordering info(2)


alt fiber fusion tool machine packing info(3)


alt fiber splicing machine accessories(4)



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