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FCST-FBM02 Fiber Blowing Machine

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  • Blowing Range Max 1000 m.
  • Blowing Speed Max110 m/min.
  • Widely used in the last few miles of FTTH networks.
  • FOBEurope Price: 4150UEUR/pcs
  • FCST-FBM02
  • FCST
  • FCST-FBM02

Product Overview

FCST-FBM02 cable blowing machine is dedicated for last miles of FTTH network. Very effective, versatile and easy to use. The blowing machine is equipped with sleeves (bushings) allowing blowing micro cables from 0.8 mm up. This manual unit is motorless, so it requires external power source, e.g. a cordless drill/driver. The roller drive (feeder) is equipped with removable rubber bands, which can be easily exchanged once they wear off. Also available: FCST-FBM02 Counter + with a length counter meter (mechanical or electronic).

FCST-FBM02 accessories set includes seals and bushings for every diameter of micro cable in machine's range (1.5,2.5,3.5, 4.0,5.0,6.0,7.0,8.0,8.5,9.0,9.5 mm), as well as seals and bushings for micro ducts (5.0,7.0,10,12,14,16 mm)

Product Specifications



Technical Data


Micro Cable Diameter (available seals)

0.8 10 mm

Micro Ducts Diameter (available seals)

5.0 16 mm

Blowing Range / Max

1000 m

Blowing Speed / Max

110 m/min

Operating Pressure / Max

15 bar

Machines Dimensions /L x W x H/

260 x 150 x 230mm /weight approx. 4kg

Dimensions Of The Transport Box

450 x 350 x 280mm /weight approx.10kg

Available Accessories Inside The Set

Lubricant PRELUBE 5000 (240 ml)

Micro duct cutter

Set of bushings

Set of gaskets

Set of Allen keys

Socket wrench

Spare rubber bands for the roller drive

Air hose

Required Efficiency Of The Compressors

micro ducts up till 8mm -0,8m3/min

micro ducts 8-12mm -1,0m3/min micro ducts 12-16mm - 1,5m3/min

Available Models:FCST-FBM02


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