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What is Stainless Steel Band for Cable?

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Stainless steel band for cable is an important material widely used in electric power, communication, petroleum, chemical industry and other fields. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, high strength, etc., which can effectively protect the cable and extend the service life of the cable. In this article, we will introduce the standard of stainless steel band for cable from the material, specification and manufacturing process of stainless steel band.

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Stainless Steel Band Application

Stainless steel band for cable is generally made of stainless steel materials such as 304 and 316L. These materials have excellent corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in harsh environments and are not easy to rust, deform and age. The specifications of stainless steel band for cable are generally determined according to the diameter, length, weight and other parameters of the cable. Common specifications include stainless steel bands with a width of 12mm and a thickness of 0.3mm, as well as stainless steel bands with a width of 20mm and a thickness of 0.5mm. In addition, there are some special specifications of stainless steel band, such as width of 30mm, thickness of 1.0mm stainless steel band, suitable for large cable fixing and protection.


The manufacturing process of stainless steel band for cable mainly includes cold rolling, hot rolling, drawing, cutting and other processes. Among them, the cold rolling process is the most commonly used manufacturing process, which can ensure the surface finish and dimensional accuracy of stainless steel strip, and improve the corrosion resistance and strength of stainless steel strip. The standards of stainless steel band for cable mainly include international standards, industry standards and enterprise standards. International standards are mainly ASTM, JIS, EN and other standards, industry standards are mainly GB, YB and other standards, enterprise standards are mainly developed by manufacturers themselves. These standards specify the material, specifications, manufacturing process, inspection methods and other aspects of the stainless steel band requirements to ensure the quality and use of stainless steel band.

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Various Type of Hook & Clamp

In the process of FTTH project cable laying, we will use the stainless steel band and the required parts like buckle, crimping tool. There are other accessories, such as different kinds of clamps, hooks, about these products if you want to know more, welcome to visit our official website of FCST. We have a whole range of aerial cable installation solution products for this.





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