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What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Fusion Splicer?

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The fusion splicer has become a commonly used equipment in FTTx. When purchasing a product, users should consider its basic parameters, performance, and loss. At the same time, choose the right type of product according to the needs of use. Next, let's understand what factors are needed when choosing a fusion splicer.

The parameters of the fusion splicer: To choose the optical fiber fusion splicer, you must first understand the parameters of the optical fiber fusion splicer.

Applicable Fiber Core Number

Applicable fiber core number: generally single-core, most of the fiber fusion splicers on the market are single-core fusion splicers, that is, only one fiber can be spliced; the other is a ribbon fiber splicer, which can splice at the same time For multiple optical fibers, the ribbon optical fiber fusion splicer can fuse 12 cores at the same time.

Splicing time: Splicing time refers to the time for the fiber fusion splicer to advance the alignment and discharge splicing after putting the optical fiber into the fiber fusion splicer; the shorter the splicing time, the better.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing A Fusion Splicer

Figure 1 AI-90 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

Heating Time

Heating time: Fiber Splice Protective Sleeve needs to be protected after the fiber splicing is completed, and the Fiber Splice Protective Sleeve needs to be heated after covering the splice point. The shorter the better; the current splicer is about 6 seconds. When the weather is cold, the heating time is long, and the number of cores of the fusion splicer is less. This is not surprising in winter.

Splicing Loss

Splicing loss: Everyone knows that optical fiber is used for optical signal propagation, and the signal will be lost after fusion splicing. The quality of the fiber fusion splicer mainly depends on the loss value after fusion, the smaller the better; the current fusion splicer on the market has all the splicing losses Around 0.02dB.

Operating Environment

Operating environment: such as altitude, temperature, etc.; how is it in a special area such as a very cold place, because the fiber fusion splicer is to be discharged, so the temperature and altitude must be considered. The larger the supported range, the better the machine.


Magnification: This parameter can be used as a reference for the function of an optical fiber fusion splicer. The greater the magnification, the more accurate the optical fiber fusion splicer may be, and the loss will be lower.


The choice of fusion splicer is mainly based on product parameters, number of fiber cores used, fusion splicing time, heating time, splicing loss, operating environment, machine life, magnification, etc. If you need this product, you can refer to the content introduced in the article as a reference, or contact us and look forward to your call.

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