• Q What products is included in the fiber optic test solution?

    A Light souce, Power meter,PON Power meter, Fiber Identifier,VFL, Attenuator and Multimeter.
  • Q What wavelength does Light source have?

    A 850/1300/1310/1550/1650/1675mm.
  • Q What’s the after-sales service of fusion splicer?

    A Technical department will analysis the feedback video from customer once the machine got any problem, then offer solution for customer via video and manual.
  • Q Is there any toolbag for FTTH network?

    A Yes, we have toolbag specialized for FTTH network, to solve all the problems for Fiber to the home cable installation.
  • Q What products is included in the fiber blowing solution?

    A Silicon Pipe, Micro duct, Tube bundle, air blown fiber, micro duct connector, micro duct closure, micro duct tools.
  • Q How to do pipiline expansion?

    A Blow like 3pcs micro duct 12/10mm into silicon piepe 40/33, then blow fiber into each micro duct.
  • Q What’ the longest blowing distance?

    A 12000m.
  • Q How to do splice for tube bundle?

    A Micro duct connector and micro duct closure.
  • Q What kind of cable is aerial cable?

    A OPGW cable, ADSS cable, Self-support butterfly cable, outdoor stranded armored cable, Figure 8 Nonmetal Lightning Protection Optical Cable, Outdoor aerial bundle cable.
  • Q What kind of clamp we need for aerial cable installation?

    A ADSS Cable Medium Tension And Large Tension Clamp、Strain clamps、Suspension clamps、Anchor brackets for strain clamps、Hooks、Buckles、Stainless steel band、FTTH optical fiber cable communication accessories.
  • Q What’s the max span for normal aerial drop cable clamp?

    A 70m.
  • Q What process will be done on the surface of the optical cable slamp to deal with different environments?

    A To deal with different climatic environments, we will do salt & spray tests during production in the factory. Galvanizing on the surface of the product can achieve the effect of anti-ultraviolet and anti-salting.
  • Q What products including in the ODN Solution?

    A Optic distribution box, fiber optic splice closure, FTTH box, PLC splitter, fiber optic patchcord, fiber optic adaptor and attenuator.
  • Q What kind of cable will be used for FTTH?

    A Drop Cable.
  • Q How many kind of patchcord we have?

    A Singlemode OS2, Multimode(OM1, OM2,OM3,OM4,OM5), bundle type patchcord, armored patchcord, Tatical patchcord, Drop cable patchcord, MPO patchcord.
  • Q What’s the max. Capacity for fiber optic splice closure?

    A Max. Capacity is 288cores for Inline type; Max.capacity is 576cores for dome type.
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