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What is BS EN-124?

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We explain the standard behind covers and gratings rated A15 to F900 in groups 1 to 6.Under BS EN 124:2015, manhole covers, access covers and gully grates are graded by different loading applications, ranging from class A15 up to F900. Each loading application has a specific meaning and it is very crucial that the right one is selected, otherwise, if the loading is wrong, the covers or gratings will not last and could become dangerous.

The loading applications are the first thing you should consider when looking to purchase manhole covers, access covers or gully grates, to guarantee that you are selecting the right one. But what is BS EN 124 and how does it help you choose the right product? 

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FIG1-Manhole Cover

BS EN 124 history & definitions

BS EN 124 (Gully Tops and Manhole Tops for Vehicular and Pedestrian Areas) superseded BS 497:1976 Specification for Manhole Covers, Road Gully Gratings and Frames for Drainage Purposes in 1994, and was updated to become BS EN 124:2015. It is the British adoption of the European standard for covers and gratings that separates products into a number of classes based on a static load test, and also groups the locations where each class should be installed (and the minimum class that should be used in each). It was produced and is published by the BSI Group.

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FIG2-Telecom Manhole Chamber

The standard is split into one general part and five material-specific parts, and brings products made of different materials into the scope of BS EN 124.


BS EN 124-1:2015 — Definitions, classification, general principles of design, performance requirements and test methods:

BS EN 124-2:2015 — Gully tops and manhole tops made of cast iron.

BS EN 124-3:2015 — Gully tops and manhole tops made of steel or aluminium alloys.

BS EN 124-4:2015 — Gully tops and manhole tops made of steel reinforced concrete.

BS EN 124-5:2015 — Gully tops and manhole tops made of composite materials.

BS EN 124-6:2015 — Gully tops and manhole tops made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U).


BS EN 124 groups & classes

Let’s start by looking at the groups that BS EN 124 use to categorise the areas in which covers may be used. These range from Group 1, representing the least demanding environments, to Group 6 that represents the most demanding environments.


Group 1 — areas where only pedestrians have access.

Group 2 — car parks and pedestrian areas where only occasional vehicular access is likely (incl. driveways).

Group 3 — car parks, forecourts, industrial sites and areas with slow moving traffic. Also in highway locations up to 500mm from the kerb and up to 200mm into the verge, excluding motorways.

Group 4 — areas where cars and lorries have access, including carriageways, hard shoulders and pedestrian areas.

Group 5 — areas where high wheel loads are imposed, such as loading areas, docks or aircraft pavements.

Group 6 — areas where particularly high wheel loads are imposed such as aircraft pavements.

Next up the classes that BS EN 124 to rate a cover's static load capabilities, ranging from A15 to F900.


Class A15 — covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 15kN test load.

Class B125 — covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 125kN test load.

Class C250 — covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 250kN test load.

Class D400 — covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 400kN test load.

Class E600 — covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 600kN test load.

Class F900 — covers and gratings capable of withstanding a 900kN test load.

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FIG3-Application schematic diagram

Classes are matched to their appropriate group to give the recommended minimum rating for each group.

Loading Group

Installation Area

BS EN 124 Class

BS EN 124 Test Load

BS 497 Equivalent

Group 1

For use in pedestrian areas where vehicles have no access


15kN (1.5 tonnes)

Grade C

Group 2

For use in car parks & pedestrian areas where infrequent vehicle access is likely (incl. driveways)


125kN (12.5 tonnes)

Grade B

Group 3

For access covers & gully gratings in areas of slow moving, heavy traffic; also for gully gratings in certain carriageway areas (see full definition above)


250kN (25 tonnes)

Grade A

Group 4

For use in carriageways of roads, hard shoulders and parking areas


400kN (40 tonnes)

Grade A

Group 5

For use in areas where high wheel loads are present


600kN (60 tonnes)


Group 6

For use in areas where extremely high wheel loads are present


900kN (90 tonnes)


Installation areas and BS 497 comparisons for guidance only.

Telecom Manhole Chamber&Manhole Cover

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FIG4-Manhole cover bearing test certificate


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