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FCST220119 Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver

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  • The average cutting angle is less than 0.5°.
  • The cladding diameter can be cut up to 80 to 1000μm.
  • The precision of the pulling force can be controlled within 0.01kgf.
  • FOBshanghai Price:7316.57USD/pcs
  • FCST220119
  • FCST
  • FCST220119

Product Overview

FCST220119 Large Diameter Optical Fiber Cleaver is designed for cleaving silica fiber with 80 to 1000μm cladding diameter. It is also capable of precision angled fiber cleaves.The detachable optical fiber clamping module is used for accurate optical fiber positioning and clamping, and the corresponding optical fiber clamping modules are used for different core diameter fibers, and the replacement and adjustment are simple and convenient.

Product Advantages

Able to perfectly cut various types of fibers with a cladding diameter of 80μm to 1000μm.

This device adopts diamond blade, which is sharp and durable. The blade is easy to replace and adjust. Under normal use, the times for single-point cutting can reach more than 3000 (depending on the nature of the fiber cladding). Theoretically, each blade can be adjusted to use 10 points.

Adopts the stretching + engraving cutting principle to achieve a low-angle and flat fiber end cutting effect. The average cutting angle is less than 0.5°. Employing imported motor and high-precision guide rail for optical fiber stretching, the precision of the pulling force can be controlled within 0.01kgf, to ensure repeatable cutting and continuous consistency.

The detachable fiber holding module is used for accurate fiber positioning and clamping, fiber with different core diameters adopts the corresponding fiber holding module, which is also easy and convenient to replace and adjust.

This device adopts a handheld 3.5-inch high-definition human-computer interactive touch editor with a clear display. The operation interface conforming to the operator's usage habits facilitates the operator to edit and archive the parameters of the FCST220119 fiber cleaver. And the operator can also directly select and apply the cutting programs for different optical fibers in the equipment, conveniently.

Product Specifications



Stripped Fiber Coating Length


Cladding Diameter

80 to 1000μm





Pulling Accuracy


Blade Life

30,000 cleaves

Cleaved Angle


Optional Accessories




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