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FCST210114 MPO/MTP™ Cleaning Kit

  • Complete tools.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Cut down on overall fiber installation cost by reducing termination time.
  • FOBshanghai Price:129.24USD/pcs
  • FCST210114
  • FCST
  • FCST210114

Kit Contains

 1 pcs  400X Optical Fiber Video Inspection Probe w/ HD 3.5”LCD Monitor

  - 4  Standard Tips : U25M,  U12M,  U25F,  U-LCF

     A. U25M - Universal 2.5mm probe tip for PC male connectors

     B. U12M - Universal 1.25mm probe tip for PC male connectors

     C. U25F-  Tip for SC/ST and FC PC female (in-adapter) connectors

     D. U-LCF - Tip for LC PC female (in-adapter) connectors

 1 pcs  Koachy Fiber Connector Cleaner FCST-105

 1 pcs  Reel of Replacement for FCST-105 Cleaner

 1 pcs  MPO/MTP Quick Click™ Cleaner (OPTIONAL)

 1 pcs  Optional Visual Fault Locator VFL-500

 1 pcs  2.5mm SC/FC/ST Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner

 1 pcs   LC/MU Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner  

50 pcs  2.5mm Foam Tipped Fiber Optic Swab, 50 per tube

50 pcs  1.25mm Fiber Optic Cleaning Swab, 50 per tube

 1 pcs  A box of KIMWIPES, 280pcs/box

 1 pcs  Emergency lamp

 1 pcs  250ml Twist-Lock Automatic Alcohol Dispensing Bottle

 1 pcs  Portable Carrying Case (230×160×150mm)


FCST210117         Fiber Optic Inspection & Cleaning Kit

FCST210116-7-M     Fiber Optic Inspection & Cleaning Kit with MPO Cleaning Tool & PVFL