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FCST210110 Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

  • Complete tools.
  • Efficient and easy to use.
  • Cut down on overall fiber installation cost by reducing termination time.
  • FOBshanghai Price:266.94USD/pcs
  • FCST210110
  • FCST
  • FCST210110

Product Overview

The FCST210110 Optic Fiber Cleaning Kit provides a selection of fiber optic cleaning products for use on fusion splice prep, connector end-faces on jumpers and through bulkhead adapters. Both wet and dry cleaning products are offered to effectively prepare fusion splicing, clean connectors, maximizing network performance.

Kit Contains

1 pcs   FCST Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner FCST-105

1 pcs  A box of KIMWIPES, 280pcs/box

1 pcs  Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner (SC/ST/FC)

1 pcs  Ergonomic One-Click Cleaner (LC/MU)

1 pcs  100 Fiber Cleaning Dry Wipes (4''×4'')

1 bag  20pcs Optic Prep. Pre-moistened Wipes

1 pcs  250ml Alcohol Dispensing Bottle

1 pcs  MPO/MTP Cleaner USCONEC 7104 (Optional)

1 pcs  Portable Carry Bag (230×160×150mm)


FCST210110-1      Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

FCST210110-2      Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit with USCONEC MPO Cleaning Tool