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FCST080801 Handhold Optical Variable Attenuator


Main Features

Portable, rugged, lightweight; Easy to use.
stepwise attenuating by circumgyrated dial: attenuating step 0.05dB.
Provide with the function of displaying dB and dBm attenuating value.
10 minutes Auto-off function can be activate and deactivate with keypad operation.
After off the instruments, the system will have the memorizing of the attenuating value and the attenuating step, in order to restore the system back to the previous shut down state when open the instruments next time.

Maintenance CATV.
Comprehensive cable construction system.
Optical instruments research and development Optical.
communication education and lab testing Other optical project.

Standard Packages

FCST080801 FCST080801 Main Body, Protective Rubber Boot, Rechargeable battery,
Power Supply Adaptor, Instruction Manual and Cotton Swabs and Rigid
hard carrying case.


Type FCST080801S FCST080801M FCST080801M
Attenuating wavelength Range 1310/1490/1550/1625nm 850/1300
Fiber Model 9/125um 62.5/125um (50/125 Optional)
Optical Connector FC/PC (FC,SC,ST)
Calibrated wavelengths 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm
Measurement Range 2~60dB
Resolution 0.05dB
Minimize Insertion Loss 2.0dB
Linearity ±0.5dB
Repeating ±0.2dB
Attenuating Accuracy ±0.8dB
Return Loss at Input/ Output 35dBtypical value40dB
Max input 20dBm
Displaying type lattice 128*64 black and white, white back ground light
Rechargeable batteries 8.4V
Power supply adaptor 8.4V
Operation temperature 0~40
Operation Time 40 hours
Storage temperature -10~60
humidity 0~85%non- condensation
Dimensions 180X90X36.5
Weight 427g

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