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600MHz NR 4T4R RRU




Product Overview

In the telecom operators and telecom equipment manufacturers to work together, covering a wide range of 5G networks continue to rapidly expand.In the future, with the development of 5G network construction to- wards hierarchical and refined development, a large number of flexible and open 5G network construction methods need to be used to enhance 5G network coverage. Based on this demand, FCST Co.,Ltd. independently designed and developed a FCST 5G NR base station.FCST 5G NR follow 3GPP 5G NR station air interface standard protocol development, tissue compliance ORAN open networking architecture definition, is connected to the support via eCPRI DU interface, L1 / LOW PHY (Split Option 7-2) data processing.FCST 5G NR base station is designed for outdoor environments, for enhancing the multichannel 5G network coverage in outdoor scenes, high-power, high-performance base station products. This base station product can be widely used in outdoor wide-area coverage scenarios featuring high traffic density, high connection number and high mobility.


Product specifications
RF specifications
Frequency 610MHz~660MHzCustomizable Carrier Bandwidth 40MHz
Antenna 4 Duplex Mode TDD
MIMO UL2×24×4
Transmit power/Mode 4 x 20WPerformance2 x 40W Coverage
Receiver Sensitivity -98dBm/ G-FR1-A1-5 Transmit off power < -85dBm/MHz
EVM ≦2% (256QAM) Transmit power
control step
Power Error ±2dB SCS 30kHz (typ.)
Frequency Accuracy 50ppb Delay Error 50ns
AGC 30dB Noise Figure 3dB
Image Rejection 60dB Adjacent channel se- lectivity 30dB
Interface specifications
Device interface diagram

Optical Fiber SFP+ × 2 QSFP × 1
Antenna N type-Female × 4 *ANT1~ANT4
Antenna Calibration N type-FemaleOptional× 1 *CAL
Power Supply 3 PIN 48V × 1 *PWR
External oscillator SMA type-Female × 1 *EXLO
GPS/GNSS SMA type-Female × 1pcs  *GNSS

Maintenance Window
RJ-45 × 1 * Local Debug USB × 1pcs *Local Debug USBTF Card × 1pcs *Mirco-SD
SMA type-Female × 1pcs *10MHz test
Indicator light SYS × 1 *SYSALM × 1 *ALMOP1 × 1 *OP1OP2 × 1 *OP2
Functional specifications
System standard - Support 5G TDD
Beamforming - Support digital beamforming

  • Support eCPRI compression, the maximum interface rate is 25Gbps
  • Support eCPRI fronthaul interface to extend 10 kilometers
RRU Processing delay - Up/down50 μs

RRU data processing
- Support the realization of L1/Low (Split option 7-2) data processing
*IncludeData CompressionFFT/IFFTPRACH Filtering (Optional )RRU Realize digital-to-analog conver-
sion/modulation and demodulation of digital front-end
Alarm detection - Support
Power and standing wave indication - Support
Spectrum radiation template - Meet 3GPP radiation template
Application Environment
Equipment size 13.5L *330×310×128mm 」
Equipment weight 13kg
Power supply DC 48V (36~57V)
Device power consumption 500W
Lightning Protection 20 kA
EMC/EMI EN55022 –Class B/ GB/T17626.3 GB/T17626.6
Protection level IP65
Environmental Temperature-40℃~55℃
MTBF 100,000 hours
Installation method Lay flat / wall-mounted / pole


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