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6 Ports TDC Micro Duct Tube Distribution Closure FCST16301


Design Feature

Code: FCST16301.
Can be re-entered.
Max. 43.5mm for duct.
Lightweight - 1.2Kg. (2.6lb)
IP67 rated. (equivalent to NEMA 6)
Manifold option allows 6 x 1DB to be.
One piece grommet and seal arrangement.
Straight through, H and Y configurations possible.
Can be retro-fitted to existing tube bundles/sub ducts.
Captivated screws in lid portion allowing inverted installation.

FCST16301 Tube Distribution Closure can be Direct Buried into a waiting trench (following FCST

installation procedures on back-fill) or placed inside a manhole or handhole.

Technical Specification
Impact: 1Kg (2.2lb) weight dropped from 1m (3.3feet)
Water Resistance:Tested to IP67 (equivalent to NEMA 6)
Pull Out:Drop Port:>940N (>211 lbf)
Materials:ABS, black
Diamension: 38.5cm*25cm*7.2cm (including the seal rubber)
31.5cm*21.5cm*7.2cm (not including the seal rubber)


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