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5G+4G Digital Optical Fiber Remote System




Product Overview
The system is a cost-effective and high-power cover- age supplementary solution. The system uses a combi- nation of "AU+RU" two-level unit architecture and is compatible with 4G networks.
Compared with the traditional 4G digital optical fiber remote system, the advantage is that it can  provide more than 100M radio frequency bandwidth, and at the same time realize the MIMO scheme in both uplink and downlink, more advanced digital compression technology, lower system delay technology, more reliable synchronization technology and large Bandwidth DPD technology, compared with 4G digital optical fiber repeaters, the overall product has significantly improved technical and business capabilities.

System functional specifications
Frequency Support China Telecom and China Unicom 5G/4G frequency band
  • 2.1GHz2110 - 2170/1920 - 19804T4R
  • 1.8GHz1830 - 1880/1735 - 17852T2R
System Structure Access Unit + Remote Unit
Number of channels Support up/down 6 channels 4G is 2 channels5G is 4 channels
Networking capability Support fiber connection and networking between AU and RU
Support chain networking (level 8), star networking (8 ports), hybrid networking Support net- work topology diagram function, and support node query function
Amplifier protection Detect the status of the power amplifier, avoid the power amplifier from burning out when abnormal
DPD Support DPD switch and peak suppression switch
Time delay Support delay automatic and manual adjustment function, delay adjustment range ≥ 50 mi- croseconds, delay adjustment accuracy ≤ 2 microseconds
Standing wave detection Support
Power detection Support
AGC Support
Energy-saving switch Includes saving mode reduces power consumption during idle traffic
Cell division and expansion Support for cell splitting and expansion by adding AU cascade
Compatible design Support built-in antenna, and have an external antenna interface
Management Supports centralized management through wired and wireless network access to OMC sys- tem
Support management through local OMT software
Reliability MTBFMean time between system failures):100,000h MTTRMean time to repair):0.5h


System functional specifications
RF specifications
Equipment category Access Unit Remote Unit
5G Frequency UL1920 - 1980MHz / DL2110 - 2170MHz
5G Bandwidth 60MHz
5G Number of channels 4T4R
4G Frequency UL1735 - 1785MHz / DL1830 - 1880MHz
4G Bandwidth 50MHz
4G Number of channels 2T2R
Transmit power -10dBm±2dB 40dBm±2dB
ALC ±2dB
Gain 50dB±2dB);Adjustment range30dBAdjustment step1dB
Transmission delay 8μs
Noise Figure 5dB -
Frequency error ≤±0.01ppm
Voltage standing wave ratio 1.5
In-band fluctuation 3dB
Optical transmission specifications
Optical path dynamic range 15dB
Optical output power -9dBm
Optical transmission distance 20KM


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